Gramkow Agency


We are sales representative of major foreign companies looking to increase their business activities in Brazil. We seek partners who are strategically aligned with our business, driven by ethical appeal and transparency, as well as meeting product quality requirements.

Gramkow has been the bridge between product and customer, taking up responsibility of technical and commercial issues. That's why Gramkow has been the ideal partner for a great number of foreign companies as well as the ideal supplier for Brazilian customers.

Our sales agency activities are exclusively in the textile and food segments, thus adding value to our services, products, and customers.

We do make the difference as sales representatives, and here are some of the reasons:

  • We have specific technical know-how in our field of activity;
  • We import products not produced in Brazil, or which production here is insufficient to meet the market demands;
  • We negotiate effectively, focused on the competitiveness of our products;
  • We monitor the production process to meet the delivery time;
  • We provide detailed information throughout the import process, including full and updated reports;
  • Full instructions to suppliers concerning the Brazilian import regulations;
  • Commercial and tax advice;
  • Logistics advice.


We have worked hard to obtain special import reduction tax to benefit our customers so that the imported products negotiated by us become more competitive.

We have benefits on ICMS tax (state tax on goods and services) in Santa Catarina state, which allows us to transfer this tax reduction to companies registered on Siscomex (the Brazilian Integrated Foreign Trade System).

Additionally, we transfer such tax benefits to companies of various sectors who want to reduce their import costs, thereby contributing to the competitiveness of local industries and the development of our country.

We take care of every detail related to the import process for our customers, fully complying with all current Brazilian regulations.


In this mode of operation, we finance the import of goods for our customers, reducing their financial costs. We operate by complying to a specific purchase agreement, strictly in accordance with the current Brazilian regulations.

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