Gramkow Textile

Gramkow Textile is a sales representative of foreign spinning mills, supplying raw materials to the local textile industry. We are agents of top suppliers that comply with specific quality standard and meet the requirements of our customers. We offer full support throughout the whole import process, always focused on quality and cost saving.

Connected with the global market, Gramkow Textile is often searching for new products and reliable suppliers all over the world, in order to meet our customers' requirements concerning quality, price, and special product request.

Gramkow team is highly qualified team with expertise in laws and regulations on trade, taxes and logistics, we offer comprehensive operational support, such as:

  • Updated follow-up reports for each stage of the process;
  • Full instructions to suppliers regarding the issuance of documents and product labeling to comply with Brazilian import regulations;
  • Production follow-up for maximum efficiency and timely delivery.


Gramkow Foods, Gramkow Textile, Gramkow Agency, Gramkow Distribution.