The Company

Gramkow Foreign Trade was founded in 2005 by engineer César Augusto Gramkow and economist Ivo Gramkow. The company started its activities by marketing textile raw materials from foreign suppliers.

In 2009, Gramkow Textile expanded its services and became a trading company. That same year, the State Government granted the company the right to make use of a special tax reduction on ICMS which allowed customers to import goods at more competitive costs.

In 2010, Gramkow invested in a new business unit focused on sustainability. It was the owners\' dream that soon became part of the company role. This business unit is intended to act either as sales agent of foreign foodstuff suppliers as well as importer and distributor of sustainable products, such as organics, fair trade, family farm goods, contributing to quality of life of consumers. The choice to provide this food-related service is connected with the experience of the founders in this business segment.

Gramkow Advice and Gramkow Distribution are complementary business units to assure a full range of solutions to our customers and business partners.

A distinguishing feature of the company is its transparency with business partners, suppliers, and customers. The company\'s main goal is to serve as a bridge between top-quality products and an increasingly demanding market.

Gramkow Foods, Gramkow Textile, Gramkow Agency, Gramkow Distribution.